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SGX – The Official Training Program Of Spartan Race

Conquer The Course With Confidence!

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Unleash Your Warrior Spirit With Spartan SGX Functional Team Training At Warrior Underground SGX – Bozeman – And Dominate Any Obstacle Course.

Spartan SGX is the most cutting-edge functional fitness program available!

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Train Like a Spartan Warrior at one of Montana’s only Certified Programs  – right here in Bozeman, MT at  WARRIOR UNDERGROUND SGX!

We are not a gym – we are a specialized coaching facility for athletes and aspiring athletes who want to work hard, pursue excellence, and maximize their performance potential.

You are an athlete – you may just not know it yet.

This is not just another bootcamp. It’s not CrossFit. And it’s not just another group fitness class. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen before – it’s Spartan SGX!

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Kara Neil – 3rd Place Elite Masters Athlete – 2017 Montana Spartan Beast

Warrior Underground SGX is a system of training I’ve developed from my professional education in Spartan SGX, as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Underground Strength Coach, Certified Conditioning Coach and Insanity Pro Team Instructor combined with my experience in numerous obstacle course races. The Warrior Underground OCR Camp will take your fitness and performance to a new level.

Kammeron Gersbach Nails the Spear Throw at her 1st Spartan Race – The Montana Beast! Aroo!

Do you want to:

  • Improve your performance at a Spartan Race?
  • Get to the top of a mountain faster?
  • Conquer any obstacle with confidence?
  • Look and feel your best?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Warrior Underground SGX is the strength and conditioning program for you.

2017 Spartan Trifecta Athlete Meagan Carlson

The Warrior Underground’s unique, garage-gym, team training atmosphere provides you with highly personalized coaching  so you will achieve maximum results.

We focus on the 7 pillars of Spartan Coaching

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Athleticism
  • Recovery
  • Nutrition
  • Mind
  • Code



The Warrior Underground Spartan SGX training program is a team training experience that will catapult your entire perception of fitness, health, and genetic potential into an entirely new realm. We incorporate a revolutionary ranking system into our program to gauge your progress.


Advance through the ranks as your confidence, skills, strength and athleticism improves with your training!

  • Begin your training and pass Level 1 testing and earn your white paracord bracelet.
  • Advance to Spartan Apprentice, Spartan Specialist and Spartan Soldier to earn the Yellow, Orange and Green bracelets.
  • You have become a formidable athlete by the time you earn the Blue Band and become a Spartan Warrior.
  • Elite Spartan Warriors earn a Brown paracord bracelet AND a Dog Tag
  • A Red paracord bracelet identifies you as an Ultimate Spartan Warrior
  • Only the most extremely disciplined and highly motivated athletes will earn a Black bracelet and become an Ultimate Fitness Warrior – Do you have what it takes?

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Anders Rig

Elite Spartan Athlete Anders Raine Displaying Multi-Rig Mastery – 2016 Montana Beast


Your journey begins with an Athlete Intake Interview and a Fitness Performance Assessment.


Joan Wall

Warrior Underground Athlete Joan Wright – 8′ Falls Are No Problem With The Proper Techinique


The Warrior Underground OCR Camp gets you Spartan Warrior  fit by integrating functional fitness, loaded movement training, bodyweight training, and unconventional strength training methodologies that will prepare you to dominate your sport and conquer any obstacle that Spartan Race or life throws at you.

Maryka Wall Style

SGX, much like its mother Spartan Racing, is about setting new standards and defeating the ill-informed, self-imposed limits we all create for ourselves on a daily basis.

Improve your focus and confidence.

Expand your personal power.

Cultivate discipline, drive, and determination.

SGX isn’t just about exercise – it is about life transformation.

Wendy Rope

Wendy Welsh Conquered The Rope Climb After A Long Struggle – Now It’s Easy For Her!

What’s different about Spartan SGX at the Warrior Underground?

  • FitRanx – A Revolutionary fitness testing and ranking system keeps you focused with specific goals
  • Highly personalized coaching with a life-changing Spartan SGX Certified Coach!
  • Functional fitness that improves your life and your athletic ability
  • Periodized programming with purpose and specificity
  • You may train outdoors in inclement weather
  • Needs analysis for obstacle course specific training
  • Learn to conquer the most difficult Spartan Race obstacles
  • Forged on the 7 Pillars of Spartan Coaching
  • A new standard in health, fitness, and performance
  • Spartan SGX Coaches have completed one of the most demanding certification programs in the industry with a specific mission to make YOU better!

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